Hi, I’m theCoach4you

and here is my story…

Why Coaching

More About My Clients

My clients are courageous, dynamic, and forward-thinking. No longer willing to settle for status quo, they are eager to embrace change and carve their own path. They recognize the power of doing things differently and the potential of having a coach and champion to offer a fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. You are a good candidate for coaching if you are willing to:

For my clients, coaching is not just a service; it’s a partnership that is invigorating and transformative.

More About The Values Alphabet

I first started writing about The ABC’s of Coaching, as a way to describe my services as a Life and Leadership Coach offering Accountability, Balance & Choice.  Approaching the project with a sense of Discovery, it started to generate its own Energy.  As I moved through the alphabet, writing about values became really Fun and its simplicity introduced an element of Grace to my work. I tried to weave some Humor through each value while remaining committed to maintaining the Integrity of my mission to help you find Joy through Knowing yourself better and to create positive change from a perspective of Love rather than lack. 

Exploring the values that bring Meaning to all that you do is a process that Nourishes the soul within and leads to Opportunity in the external world.  Befriending your values prepares you to pursue your Passion and attain Quality results and relationships.  It is through honoring your values that you will earn the Recognition you deserve and reduce the Stress you don’t.  Your values connect you to a personal Truth that helps you better Understand yourself and others.

By becoming familiar with the Variety of values that add to the Wonder of your life, some of the mundane and even exasperating aspects of life can suddenly seem eXtraordinary.  And from there, well, you are better prepared to navigate the organic Yin/Yang of life and move forward to what you’ve always wanted with confidence and Zeal.