Personal Development Workshops

Adventures in Autobiography

Have you ever thought that your life would make a good book or movie? This workshop provides the time and space to reflect upon the stories of your past and become the author of your future. Practical writing assignments, imaginative exercises, collaborative conversations, and relevant readings will stimulate memory, imagination, metaphor, and sensory perception. Participants can expect to develop the skills, confidence, and inspiration to look at their life through an alternate lens, uncover new perspectives, and find fresh meaning in their old stories.

DeFrag™ Your Life

Prioritize, Plan, and Purge

Defragmentation is a technological process that reorganizes the fragmented contents of a computer’s memory to create larger regions of free space by combining small files and deleting ones that are no longer relevant. This process makes the computer function at a higher speed and with more efficiency; ultimately maximizing its capacity to contain, prioritize, and access information. This workshop will guide participants through a similar process to:

Delete irrelevant information
Effectively manage your energy
Find time for what’s important
Re-wire your thought patterns (operating system)

Accomplish more by doing less

Gain a broader perspective

Doodling Outside the Box

Doodling Outside the Box

Freeing the Imagination for Strategic Innovation

Often seen as an insignificant distraction or nervous habit, research has shown that doodling is a valid tool for accessing unconscious wisdom and improving cognitive retention. This interactive program uses freeform doodling as metaphor and catalyst to:

Open avenues of creative thinking

Experience the psychological capacity to shift perspectives

Stimulate alternative methods for creative expression

Enhance team cohesiveness

Recognize previously unseen patterns and expanded possibilities

Provide a simple strategy to reduce stress and enhance well-being

Emotional Intelligence

The Art and Science of Your Personality

How we show up and succeed in the world is a combination of our IQ, EQ, innate personality, and lived experience. Looking to the work of Carl Jung (Psychological Typology & Individuation), Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs & Dynamics of Self-Actualization) and Howard Gardner & Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), participants will get to experience their passion and purpose by developing their:

Emotional Awareness,


Social Competency,

Relationship Mastery

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Life Purpose Workshop

Happiness, Fulfillment, Meaning, Satisfaction…these are the desires that drive our behaviors and yet we often find ourselves in habitual actions and default attitudes that seem to move us through a cycle of frustration, disappointment, discontentment, and lack of control. In this interactive workshop, you will get a chance to explore your values, reignite a sense of passion, and create a concrete purpose statement that will help you find significant patterns in your past and drive dynamic choices in your future. This class is designed for millennials trying to find themselves, professionals wanting to market themselves, empty nesters wanting to rediscover themselves, and seniors who want to enjoy themselves.

Manage Your Time, Manage Your Stress

Although we can’t control time, we can learn effective strategies so that it doesn’t control us. In this interactive workshop you will have a chance to evaluate your priorities, explore alternate perspectives, and develop effective techniques to:

Time management requires both a concrete strategy and a creative imagination. You will leave this program with a focused plan and the flexibility to adapt when things don’t go according to that plan.

Solutions, Not Resolutions

(Ideal for December or January)

Every year many of us make resolutions about what we ‘should’ do to improve ourselves and create positive change. This workshop provides a structure to evaluate priorities and create effective strategies to launch the New Year with passion and sustainable commitment.

Priorities & Purpose

Identifying what success means, balance looks like, and values are most important

Action Planning

Setting goals and strategies for success in the new year

Stress Reduction

Learn techniques to pursue your goals without succumbing to overwhelm and being vulnerable to self-sabotage

Value Based Decision Making

People are driven by their values, when our values are being honored, we are fulfilled and engaged…when they aren’t, we feel discouraged and indifferent. By creating a culture that makes value-based decisions, organizations can more effectively motivate their employees to show up at their best which generates increased job performance and satisfaction. Grounding our decisions and communication in values is a relatively easy way to make those around us feel of value. In this interactive workshop we do a deep dive into the values that inspire us and our employees and learn how to weave them throughout the workday. By using your values as a barometer—goals become clearer and choices simpler.