Jewish Values-Based Workshops

During my coaching training, I had a memorable conversation with a Rabbi that deeply resonated with me. He shared, “the Torah is the first official coaching manual.” This insight sparked a profound connection between my affinity for coaching and commitment to the Jewish community. Rooted in timeless wisdom, Judaism presents a rich assortment of rituals and practices that kindle curiosity, invite introspection, broaden perspectives, and establish a framework for purpose and fulfillment. My personal journey began before my Bat-Mitzvah and continued through my time in USY, eight summers at Young Judaea camp, my graduate studies at Hebrew Union College, three transformative trips to Israel, and my five years as director of the young professionals’ program at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. Through these experiences I witnessed the significant influence of Judaism’s core values such as faith, wisdom, humor, loving kindness, justice, intention, and the obligation to heal the world. Working with Jewish professionals and organizations, I am able to combine the power of coaching with Jewish text and tradition to create meaningful impact

Exploring Jewish Values through Jewish Doodling

By blending the simple act of doodling with the rich meaning of Jewish symbols, this program helps participants discover (or re-discover) how traditional Jewish values contribute to the meaning and satisfaction of contemporary life while experiencing a congenial sense of play and discovery.

Get-To-Know-You Bingo

Foster community connections with a lively activity. Perfect for social events, conferences, or Shabbat gatherings, this fun exercise encourages interaction through a bingo game featuring typical conversation topics. Engage in interviews, share words from your bingo card, and discover the richness of your community.

Kenahorah Coaching

Shift your perspective and invoke the “good eye.” This program combines personal psychology, organizational behavior, emotional intelligence, and Jewish mysticism. Learn to perceive the world through a positive lens, fostering a reinvigorated outlook and enhancing relationships.

Personal Midrash

The word “midrash” is derived from the Hebrew root drash, to study, inquire seek, explain, investigate, interpret. Through this adaptable program suitable for all ages, participants are offered both space and strategies to delve into their personal narratives. They craft creative interpretations, forge alternative storylines, and offer insightful commentaries to glean meaning and relevance from the past. This process not only brings clarity and purpose to their history but also illuminates the path ahead. This program can be delivered as a single onetime workshop or as a 6-part series (in-person or online) with the option for a public showcase which makes an ideal Oneg.

Relationship Management

Elevate your relationship capacity through emotional intelligence, solution-oriented collaboration, and Jewish philosophy. Explore the symbiotic nature of relationships and their vital role in personal fulfillment, professional success, and community building. Develop tangible skills for nurturing and managing satisfying relationships.

Valuing Your Values: The Relevance of Torah & Tradition

Uncover the treasure trove of values within the Torah, exploring their application in your life. Join this engaging program to rediscover timeless principles that can enrich your daily existence. Learn to integrate these values into your routines, fostering a sense of self-satisfaction regardless of external circumstances.