Professional Development

The ABC's of Creative Problem Solving

A course for leaders wanting to inspire individuals and teams to tackle problems in more creative and effective ways, and for individuals to develop the capacity to look at life from a fresh perspective.  You will leave with new tools to:

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Articulate vision
Build trust
Craft a sustainable leadership strategy
Develop a competitive advantage
Emotional intelligence application

Through interactive discussions of current studies in the field of leadership, exploring real-world case studies that participants are experiencing, and exercises based on the power of visual language to shift perspective, this program offers creative techniques for dealing with old problems and renewed energy to move forward with increased effectiveness.

Assertiveness and Authority

Are you a good worker with good ideas but feel that you’ve hit a wall in your career advancement? Do you supervise someone who has the potential to be a good leader but lacks confidence and authority? In this seminar we will look at assertiveness as a positive process towards career development. You will learn effective ways to articulate ideas, express opinions, get recognized for your contributions, and position yourself (or your colleagues) as a valuable and reliable resource.  


Knowing & Communicating Your Unique Value (aka: 30-sec. Elevator Pitch)

Why do many of us find it easier to admit our weaknesses, dwell in our failures and belittle our accomplishments than to embrace our talents and celebrate our success? After this workshop you will not only identify your strengths, but also feel confident, comfortable, and capable of communicating them in a way that garners respect and instigates opportunity in both your professional and personal lives. We will do exercises that help you value your values, shift your perspective, identify your purpose and communicate your strengths.

What do YOU do best?

Boss as Host

Building a Culture of Hospitality

Using the metaphor of the guest/host relationship, this program helps business leaders understand the significance and strategy of the value of hospitality. Grounded in research from my doctoral dissertation, “The Psychology of Hospitality: Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Environments,” this creative and contemporary workshop revives an old tradition to achieve new results. Today’s organizations are more networked than hierarchical and require increased interpersonal skills, leveraging of emotional intelligence, and employee/client engagement. Creating an environment that makes others feel welcomed, appreciated, and empowered requires conscious intention, creative energy, and just plain old common sense. Participants will gain a better understanding of the significance of hosting/supervising others and the elements that bring out the best in their guests/colleagues. Depending on length of program, topics to be covered might include:

Hospitality towards Self

Learning to embrace the paradoxes and complexes of our own psychology.

Hospitality towards Others

How to overcome obstacles, biases, and fear to be open to the unknown other

Hospitality in the World

What myth, philosophy, theology, and tourism has to say about welcoming others

Chaos to Clarity

The Art of Managing Change

When changes occur, stress, conflict, and other issues can arise. This seminar will explore the many aspects of change, shifting the response from chaos to opportunity, and techniques for helping individuals and organizations manage change with curiosity, collaboration, and consensus.

Coach’s Handbook

Learn Skills to Create a Winning Team

Every champion has a coach to help them fulfill their potential and master their technique. In this workshop participants learn to maximize their strengths, overcome obstacles, and adopt a winning perspective that allows for positive, sustainable, and invigorating personal and professional change. Attendees will:

Define success
Identify star players
Build a winning team
Celebrate past success and visualize future achievements
Learn tangible coaching techniques that can immediately be applied at home and work

Communication Skills Bootcamp

From clarifying expectations to influencing change to having difficult conversations—communication is the key to success. This workshop is perfect for people seeking to learn skills and gain confidence in their ability to articulate, engage, and inspire those around them in day-to-day conversations, drafting proposals, delivering presentations, and/or offering feedback to employees, peers, and supervisors. We will review the art of listening, the importance of goal setting, and how one’s behavior communicates much more than their words.

Corporate Storytelling

Understanding Your Hero’s Journey

Every organization (and business leader) has a story. Does yours have a positive impact on employee and customer engagement, a negative impact, or none at all? This workshop will cover how to maximize the myth of your organization by using the ancient art of oral storytelling and the present-day tools of social media. Storytelling is an excellent tool for managing teams, marketing products, and attracting strategic partners.

Creating a Winning Team

Everyone talks about the importance of teamwork, but how many managers really know how to create a structure and establish the space for teams to thrive? In this workshop we will learn the necessary skills to engage employees and engender collaboration. The key points to be covered will be:

Facilitate Meetings that Matter

Learn how to run a meeting that covers the necessary content, makes your employees feel seen and heard, and builds a sense of cohesiveness and engagement within your team. This workshop will cover: room set-up and seat placement, agenda writing and time management, pre-and post-meeting communication, and how to encourage introverted employees to spend more time talking and extroverted ones to spend more time listening.

Failing Forward

How Mary Poppins teaches us about the Pitfalls of Perfection and the Magic of Mistake Making

Everyone makes mistakes and plans often don’t go as planned. In this increasingly complex and unpredictable world, we need to develop the resiliency to recover from mistakes with more speed, efficiency, and positive outcomes. The “practically perfect” character of Mary Poppins as originally conceived in the eight books written by PL Travers, eight books offer a more realistic and relevant role model than the picturesque, harmonious, and Disneyfied version portrayed in the film. Participants will experience the value of realistic expectations and increase their capacity to recognize possibilities instead of problems and opportunities where others see obstacles.

Feedback and Supervision Skills

When communicated well, feedback, both positive and constructive, maximizes your human resources and helps your employees feel important, appreciated, and motivated. Through this interactive seminar, you will explore, experience, and understand the value of holding your employees and co-workers accountable to their best performance. We will focus on:

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Coaching & Mentoring

Listening Skills

Conflict Management

Delegation & Goal Setting

Employee Engagement

Managing v. Leading

From Supervisor to Manager

Stepping into Authority with the optimal Aptitude, Alignment, and Attitude

In this workshop your confidence and enthusiasm will grow as you learn how to:

Listen in ways that influence performance
Earn trust and respect of colleagues
Appreciate and apply your leadership style
Develop necessary time management techniques
Effectively communicate your vision to your team
Reduce resistance of people reluctant to change

Listening: A Skill and an Art

Many people underestimate the power of effective listening and overestimate their ability to listen effectively. In this workshop we review the five components of good listening, debunk some of the myths, break down the barriers to effective communication, and practice some exercises to build your active listening skills.

Narrative Leadership

How Your Personal Story Informs Professional Success

One of the most important and yet underutilized leadership skills is self-awareness. In this workshop you will be guided to reflect back on your path to leadership. First, you will explore the life experiences that shaped who you are, the values that drive what you do, the perspectives that define your outlook, and the competencies that determine how you work. Then you will have the opportunity to craft your own Leadership Narrative and take a more proactive role in authoring your professional future.

Negotiation and Influence

To be able to effectively influence and negotiate with others one needs to be able to shift their perspective, engage them in your vision, and motivate them to do the things you need them to do. This course will help participants:

Understand how to build strategic relationships, instigate change, and achieve alignment

Explore theories, techniques, and strategies to influence outcomes and negotiate effectively

Further develop their interpersonal and communication skills

Discuss the attitudes and approaches that will help achieve win/win outcomes


Creating Teams that Work

In this workshop you will review 8 elements that help leaders foster a culture of synergy, collaboration, and productivity.